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The M Brand

Since my childhood, I have been mesmerized by bubbles. The spectrum of colors that carries these globular structures are so beautiful to watch yet so delicate. In a single touch, they pop!

Creating a self-brand meant I wanted it to represent the work I do with something I loved. All through the brand from the free-flowing M, representing flexibility towards designs, to the colors and elements, it is all inspired and recreated to give a fun feeling. 


I believe no one can ever be too old to not get excited over bubbles :p   

cur out clamp.jpg
Letterhead plain.jpg

In my childhood, especially at carnivals, people used to sell bubbles in used film canisters. I thought this was a great material to substitute for business cards, giving people something they can remember me by.

Hoping these would burst into conversations!

film roll full.jpg
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