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Poster Nike.jpg

To brand to skiptracer. (A skiptracer is someone who locates people or helps them disappear with the deception of information) 

But how do you brand someone who doesn't want to be found

The Idea

You hide them in plain sight.

To make subtle changes to high street brand logos in a way that people don't suspect it but once you look closely its a method of getting in contact with a skiptracer

Black and white-15.jpg

Posters that mimic previous campaigns of Nike and Adidas but with a second look directs you to peep beneath the corner of the poster, thus revealing the information of the skiptracer. 

Playing along the typographic packaging done by Starbucks for their Christmas collection in the year 2019, secret messages like "Thinking of disappearing, look beneath the cup" which would have the information to contact a skiptracer. As an additional, you could even tick the urgency of the situation on the flavour bar. 

The clean typographic packaging of Mcdonald's made for a unique place to substitute secret messages, with the bags holding fake passports and documentation instead of burgers.

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