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A designer of two distinct realms - Virtual Reality and Graphic Design. Currently based in London, I hold an MA in Virtual Reality from the University of Arts London (2023) and a BA(Hons) in Graphic Design from Coventry University (2020). Born, raised, and educated in India and the UK helped in providing me with a unique perspective on design thinking. This international coherence has equipped me with a robust foundation in communication design and a nuanced understanding of its diverse functionalities.

Bubbles, colourful
Bubbles, colourful


2023 - Ambessa Play x Pentagram - London

2023 - Adobe Medium Workshop - Strate School of Design
2023 - Visiting Faculty - Part Time - Strate School of Design
2021/22 - Landor&Fitch - India
2021 - Pearlfisher - London
2020 - Artem Energy Future - India 
2020 - Jones Knowles & Ritchie -  London


Innovate UK Immersive Tech : Finalists for  Best Immersive XR Game  

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When I'm not inside my virtual world, you can find me looking at the clouds and thinking about the next snack! 

Bubbles, colourful

My love for immersive media has inspired me to create experiences that work hard towards creatively solving problems by pushing the boundaries of design and innovation. Virtual reality has the potential it holds in storytelling; stories that can educate, change and inspire people. I believe design with technology holds immense potential for collaboration in the future for positive change. 

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