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Kokoyu Camlin

Packaging Design

Kokuyo Camlin 



Landor & Fitch, India


Stationery is more than just a tool, it’s a catalyst for success. This realisation inspired the big idea for Camlin - ‘Own the Edge’. We wanted to restore the glory of their two iconic brands - Camel and Camlin - and make them relevant, aspirational, desirable and premium. We realised we had to create designs that appeal to different audiences. We also had to align the designs with the category codes and the brand’s personality and add some freshness and energy. The biggest challenge was creating a flexible design system for a large-scale brand - one that can adapt to various SKUs.


The outcome is a design that is both new and familiar; a design that reflects Kokuyo’s heritage and vision. ​

Reviving the legacy of a stationary brand

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