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DIY Flashlight

Packaging and Illustration

Ambessa Play

In collaboration

Pentagram, London

Ambessa Play is a social enterprise that builds educational STEM kits to spark creativity and imagination for children everywhere. Ambessa means ‘lion’ in Eritrean and Ethiopian languages and you would say ‘Ambessa!’ to a child as congratulations or well done. It can mean brave, strong, or powerful.


With Ambessa Play’s one-to-one business model, for every kit purchased a displaced child receives one for free.

The aim was to design the packaging of the DIY Flashlight Kit along with an instruction manual for children above the age of 8 with minimum to no text while teaching them how to build the circuit. 

Designing a universal instruction manual

The DIY Flashlight

Pentagram partnered with Ambessa Play to develop the industrial design of their first DIY Flashlight. 

Packaging & Instruction Manual

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