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Identity, Packaging & Art Direction



In collaboration

Abhay Ranganath

Cocoavult is a local brand, born raised and bred in Mysore, India since 2007. Dedicated to creating the finest homemade products ranging from chocolates, baked goods to so much more. All of their products are freshly prepared with the highest quality ingredients, meaning - each product contains added love, not preservatives.

Cocoa Vault's visual identity is a mesmerizing fusion of precision and artistry. Anchored in a grid system, our packaging transforms into a chocolate vault, with each delicacy resembling a precious gem within. Inspired by number pad locks and puzzles, our geometric patterns initially appear jumbled, inviting curiosity. Yet, they seamlessly converge into a visual symphony, mirroring the complexity of our indulgent treats. This design language, a unified thread across bread, cookies, and cakes, not only captivates but challenges, inviting everyone to unlock the extraordinary with each Cocoa Vault experience.

Every Bite Treasured

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