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Script of Eve & Adam
Script of Eve & Adam

The Story of Adam & Eve

Script Writing​

Shapes XR

Storyboarding on Shapes XR


AI robot, Garden of Eden

Eve & Adam

Script Writing & Storyboarding

Eve and Adam’ is a modern rendition of the original biblical story of Adam and Eve, a story about the human progression from a state of innocence and bliss to the present human condition of knowledge of sin, misery, and death.


I chose to add a modern twist to the narrative because there were outdated perceptions in the traditional story of the gender roles assigned to women and men. While the original story talks about having obedience to God, this story talks about accepting oneself for who they are, for believing that even imperfections are good.

Eve and Adam 


Emoji story telling

Level Design

The Virtual Reality Experience

Garden of Eden
Garden of Eden
Garden of Eden
3d model
Field of flowers
Field of flowers

3d Modelling on Blender

Process & Making

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