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In the Arms of Four

Mixed Reality

In the Arms of Four" is an interactive Synchronous Reality experience, drawing inspiration from the nostalgia of childhood memories.


The project explores the idea of furniture as vessels for personal recollections, employing physically identical chairs from my own childhood to transport participants into my nostalgic past. The primary objective is to prompt audiences to reminisce about their own childhoods, offering a multisensory encounter with tactile sensations such as touch, smell, and immersive narrative storytelling.


By creating a shared space that resonates with universal childhood memories, the project seeks to connect individuals with the innocence and joy of their early years.

Can memories be brought back to life?

My first day of Summer

The Virtual Reality Experience

My 8th Birthday

Chairs as vessels for memories

The First Day of Summer
The Birthday Party


The Physical Experience


Synchronised Action

Next Project

Previous Project

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