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Oh La La

Mixed Reality

In collaboration

Mostafa Ebrahimi

Yekta Jebelli

Shahin Katebi

Sex toys have always been a taboo in every culture, from being deemed radical or dirty to the severe embarrassment of buying them off the shelves, they have always had a negative stigma attached to them. 


‘Oh La La’ is a Mixed Reality musical orchestra that intends to reduce, if not irradicate this stigma from the minds of the player in a comical manner.


The user (main character) is transported into a concert hall where they play the role of the conductor in creating music by using sex toys as instruments. The set of sex toy placed on a platform in the real world is virtually mirrored inside the VR environment, this way, when the player touches them, a unique sound is generated and added into the mix, creating a musical wonder.

Destigmatizing Sex Toys

Hands on Sex Toys
Sex Toys

We recreated the elements of the real-world space digitally in VR so that when the two worlds aligned, a tactile response when an object was touched in the real world would align in VR simultaneously. 


The interactive elements in our experience are the 8 sex toys that mimic musical instruments used to create the musical orchestra.


These models have been 3D printed and connected using Arduino to add a layer of tactile interactivity and by using hand tracking instead of controllers, we allow the user to immerse in this multisensorial experience and get ‘physical’ with the installation.

Tactile Sex Toys 

The Physical Experience

Musical Orchestra

The Virtual Experience

Musical Orchestra

Using VR allows for a safe and controlled environment in which user can explore sex toys without feeling embarrassed or ashamed. It enables a private and confidential space in which individuals can explore different types of sex toys. 


When we were creating the sound effects for the sex toys, we wanted to keep in mind how the sexual connotations in music effect the users experience. We wanted to keep it humorous and light but also add the sexual innuendo to co-relate to sex toys.


The Virtual  Experience

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